9 Must Visit Places in New York

In June 2022, we visited New York with Craig’s mum and sister. We stayed in Brooklyn for 5 nights and it was the most fun. Before we get in to where you should go and what you should eat, here are some things we think you should pack to make life a little easier whilst visiting:

Now onto the important bit – where to go in New York City:

  1. Statue of Liberty

No first time trip to New York is the same without a glimpse of the Statue of Liberty. The only problem we had was that we weren’t overly fussed about being up close or standing on Ellis Island itself. 

We had learnt that they offer a free commuter boat to and from Staten Island which passes the Statue of Liberty from a distance. Perfect for what we wanted. This can get busy, but it’s a pretty big boat so you should all squeeze on – you might just have to be prepared to stand, but hey, that means you won’t miss the views!

  1. Top of the Rock

Everyone thinks you should go to the top of the Empire State Building, which honestly was fun, but if you’re strapped for cash and doing New York on a budget, I recommend that you prioritise visiting the Top of the Rock. It has that picturesque view that you don’t quite get from the other buildings.

  1. Broadway Show

Another must when visiting New York is to see a Broadway show. There are quite a few options to choose from, but choose wisely! We wanted something light hearted so we went to see Aladdin at the New Amsterdam Theatre. The show itself was top notch, great acting, hilarious jokes from the Genie BUT the seats were very compact and we felt like a pack of sardines. Not only were they compact but they weren’t the comfiest of materials either. Nonetheless we had a really great time. 

  1. Museum of Sex

Probably not a place you would visit with your sister and mum (or your future sister/mother-in-law), but we did. It was lots of fun. The Museum of Sex was insightful. Their exhibition Artifact (xxx): Selections from Secret Collections gives an intimate view of how sex has manifested from artwork, medical devices and pop-culture mementos to guidebooks and accessories used for enhancing pleasure or pain. This exhibition tells the story of sexuality throughout history.

  1. Marvel & DC Superheroes of New York 

If superheroes are your thing then book onto a superhero tour. Please note this involves a lot of walking, so we recommend you factor this in with other plans on that day. We overdid it and did a lot of walking before and after (my feet/ankles have never fully forgiven me).

Starting off at the United Nations building, you visit locations featured in Superman, Spiderman, Daredevil and The Avengers (there is actually a funny story to learn about the filming of this outside Grand Central Station but we won’t spoil it for you). You finish the tour at a comic book store called JHU Comic Books – make sure you pop in and have a browse.

  1. Get a slice (or two) of pizza

On day one of arriving in New York, we went straight to the 911 memorial, which was very overwhelming but a must visit to pay our respects. En route, we stopped off at the first pizza place we could find because we HAD to get a large slice of New York pizza! We visited Pronto Pizza and Empanadas, and it was DELICIOUS!!

They say that New York pizza’s are some of the best pizzas in the world. A theory is that the minerals and chemicals in the tap water is responsible for this. Whether this is a myth or not, who knows, but I believe that New York pizza is on par with pizza I’ve had in Italy (don’t @ me).

  1. Hard Rock Cafe

I would strongly suggest supporting local independent restaurants wherever possible but there is something about the Hard Rock Cafe that I am drawn to. 

If you know me then you’ll know Mexican food (especially fajitas) are at the top of my list no matter which restaurant I visit. I’ve been to many Hard Rock Cafes before, and I nearly always end up getting their Veggie ‘Famous Fajitas’. Why, you ask? Well, not once have they scrimped on their portion sizes – we all like a full meal don’t we! 

I opted for a souvenir option for my beverage and got a cocktail in a branded glass to take home! The Hurricane, their signature cocktail and a 1940s New Orleans classic (so they say), with Bacardi Superior Rum, a blend of orange, mango, pineapple juice and grenadine, finished with a float of Bacardi Black Rum and Amaretto. It was delicious.

  1. DUMBO

Whilst visiting DUMBO (down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass), be sure to check out all the cool spots around, there is street art, shops, coffee houses, and ice cream!

We stopped off at Odd Fellows who describe themselves as a “small-batch ice cream company with a compulsive creativity problem.” Since opening their first shop in 2013, they have put together over 500 weird and wonderful flavours as well as improved versions of the classics. 

They had every flavour you could think of (the nice ones, of course!) but I remember seeing the sprinkles ice cream and I was sold. If you’re exploring DUMBO, get some ice cream!

  1. One last bit of advice – using the Subway 

If you’re going to New York and wish to cross as much off your “tourist list” as possible, then purchasing a metrocard for the Subway is a must. The metrocard costs $33 for a 7-day period and covers unlimited “swipes” meaning that this is a money saver if you’re going to multiple locations in one day. Good to know: We found from Brooklyn using it to the airport incurred an additional fee.

Are you visiting New York soon? Message us on Instagram for more go to spots!

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  1. I haven’t been to New York, but I would love to go one day! I would especially love to see a Broadway show, and it would be nice to see the Statue of Liberty too. Also, the museum of sex does sound interesting.

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