Christmas Lights at Leeds Castle, Kent

It’s the most wonderful time of the year so what better way to celebrate than by rounding up your family to see the Christmas lights at a castle!

We had the opportunity to take a look at the one of the most unique in the country which features over a million lights and lasers at the historical site, Leeds Castle. There are so many Christmas light experiences, having the backdrop of a historical monument is definitely something that makes this one of the more unique experiences in Kent.

The route itself is fairly simple, a walk around the castle grounds taking in various pieces of art from a variety of talented artists. The walk itself can be completed in a quick 30 minutes if you have a jog on but that would definitely take away from the experience.

It’s hard to explain what makes this experience good without it. The magic and mystique of it all is the reason to go and enjoy it. The illumination of the lights and the placement has been heavily thought through. You can see the castle illuminated in almost any spot from the trail. 

One of the most impressive things is experiencing an installation up close and being wowed by how it’s made, then 20 minutes later seeing it from a different view and being wowed once again.

Anyone in the Kent area should check out the Leeds Castle Christmas Lights. There is enough creativity for the whole family (with discounts for families too!). Go on a nice dry night, enjoy a hot chocolate or some toasted marshmallows, but make sure to be quiet when walking past the bats!

The Leeds Castle Christmas Lights run from the end of November to the beginning of January every year.

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