Things Every Brit Will Find Hard When Travelling

Home comforts are things that everyone cherishes. Whether it is drinking from a favourite mug to sleeping in one’s favourite bed sheet, nothing can be beaten from that one moment of comfort in your own home. Things change when you go travelling though. You have no fixed abode and packing your favourite mug or bed sheet isn’t an option. Whilst your own bed and kitchen is an obvious home comfort you’ll be giving up, there are some not so obvious things as a British person that you’ll have to deal without. Here are a select few things to think about before travelling. Spoiler warning: it’s all food and drink.

Drinking Water

Before travelling, I drank a crazy amount of water. The recommended daily guideline would be something I could smash out, sometimes in half a day. I was always near a tap draining the next bit of H2O to put into my body.

Whilst travelling however you do not have that luxury. There are many countries that do not have drinkable water straight from the tap. This could be due to poor drainage systems, pollution or it simply not being an option. Most places understand this and bottled water is usually the cheapest option at many restaurants and markets. However, the home comfort of turning the tap and filling up a glass is something that you have to be very on guard about because it is probably something you should not be doing. 

Don’t use the tap water to clean your teeth either!

Baked Beans

A “Full English Breakfast” is something that appeals to many. Whether it is a hangover cure from the night before or a weekend treat, the simple thing that makes it the champion of breakfasts is the baked beans.

Baked Beans whether you like them or hate them, their versatility cannot be understated. Whether it’s a quick beans on toast, in a spud with cheese, or even throwing them into a chilli (I’ve made a baked bean pizza or two in my time as well!) A tin of baked beans is good to have in an emergency. 

It may shock some people to know however that the humble tin is not available as readily in other countries. Early on in our travels, we showed a photo of the tomatoey snack to supermarket staff which sent them into confusion. Looking at you like you’re a crazy person wanting weird alien eggs in a tin.


In what may be the most unsurprising on the list, you’ve guessed it. Chocolate. It is no secret that chocolate is much sweeter in the United Kingdom but you don’t realise just how MUCH different it tastes. 

We have been on a journey to try and find chocolate that matches our native tastes and have not been successful so far. Kit Kats are the closest, M&M crispy bars have a certain appeal. Cadbury’s however tastes nothing like what you’re used to, remember that Simpsons branded advent calendar you got as a kid? Well that’s what Cadbury’s tastes like in Indonesia and South-East Asia.


I know this is a subjective one but I love mayonnaise. As a condiment it’s a 10/10 for me, the versatility on most dishes. Sandwiches, chips, wraps, I’ve even put some on a roast dinner before, surprisingly good. Since travelling however there has been a lack of reliable mayonnaise. Now I know the term reliable mayonnaise is ridiculous, however the amount of “mayonnaise” with a fishy aftertaste or “bits” in the heavenly white condiment itself needs to be questioned.

If you’re a mayonnaise fan be prepared to go through some troubling times to find one that you’ll enjoy. Every country and culture has their own slight spin on it and no mayonnaise is created equally.

Despite the home comforts obviously being different for every country you grow up in. Embrace the difference of each country and find new things to enjoy and don’t just settle on burgers and pizza. But hey, if that’s what you want to do, then that’s ok too. We’ve had a lot of Mexican food and pizzas, but they’re our fave go-tos! Just make sure to try some of the local cuisine or something different to the usual every now and again.

This is not supposed to show how great the United Kingdom is or how bad other countries are for not having baked beans. It is purely to highlight that things are very different worldwide, different cultures and cuisines, things that you love and enjoy at home might be more difficult to find or enjoy somewhere else. We know we are in an extremely privileged position to travel when there is so much inequality in the world.

Note: All images used were provided from Pexels and Unsplash.

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