4 Vegetarian Resturants to Visit in Kuta, Bali

You’ve just arrived at the Ngurah Rai International ready for hot sun, beaches and relaxation. The oldest question known to man suddenly appears in your head “Where should we eat?”. Being in a new place can be quite a culture shock in itself, let alone finding somewhere that won’t give you Bali belly on your first day. Here at Sunsoaked Couple we have the top four restaurants you should visit whilst staying in Kuta (with helpful links!).

The first thing to know is that not everywhere will be vegetarian friendly. In fact, a lot of places will not be vegetarian friendly. Some of the places we’ve listed may be primarily for our meat eating pals but we’ve listed them because they are magical experiences for vegetarians.

Johnny Tacos

This is a simplistic restaurant that specialises in soft shell tacos. They cook everything made to order with fresh produce. The vegetable tacos come with avocado and a great amount of cheese on top of the fried veggies you’d come to expect in a vegetable taco. They also come with a side of what we believe may be some of the tastiest, crunchiest chips we’ve ever had! If you get there in the morning they also serve avocado and egg tacos which are just as delicious. If you want to try something different then try their delicious pineapple salsa.

Bollywood Masalaz

There are quite a few Indian restaurants in Kuta so finding one which stands out can be quite a difficult task. Bollywood Masalaz stand out by calling themselves the “Best Indian Restaurant In Kuta Bali”. Quite a bold statement but once you have eaten there you will find yourself in agreement. 

The sheer depth of the BM menu is quite overwhelming at first as the menus are comically large (and come in vegetarian and non-vegetarian) with many selections to choose from. Once you have decided what you’re having it will come out quickly and be hot to the tongue in both temperature and spice (depending on your tolerance!). All the food is great value for money so why not treat yourself to one of their delicious cocktails – buy two get one free!

Australian Brazilian BBQ

This was a restaurant that initially we avoided. It’s covered in pictures of different meat and is focused on BBQ so what would it have to offer vegetarians? Let our former ignorance help guide you to tastier decisions! Is Australian Brazilian BBQ suitable for vegetarians? Yes!

The restaurant is buffet style so you don’t need to wait for any food to be cooked and can go and help yourself as soon as you are seated. Salads, multiple choices of pasta and different styles of potatoes go a long way here. On top of this they have a unique “make your own stir fry” station. Pick your own veggies and sauce for them to be cooked in, a short while later they will arrive fresh out the pan to your table. We recommend the Szechuan sauce if you wish to have something with a kick to it. The chef will come out to offer you fresh garlic bread from a skewer which is totally delicious!

Desert will not leave you disappointed either. A selection of ice cream, fruit and yoghurt pots and our favourite pineapple. This is not any pineapple however, it’s fresh out of the oven from the skewer for that even sweeter taste, goes great with custard!

Holy Guacamole

Johnny Tacos is a great place for tacos and chips but what if you find yourself a bit out of the way? Well Holy Guacamole has your back for any other Mexican food needs you may be craving. Fajitas, enchiladas, quesadillas, you name it, they’ve got it. Make sure to ask for extra cheese!

Did we miss any great restaurants in Kuta, Bali? Comment and let us know!

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